Job Title:                Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

JOB STATUS:           Full Time or Part Time Contractor

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor patients’ medication usage and results.
  2. Document patients’ medical and psychological histories, physical assessment results, diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, or outcomes.
  3. Diagnose psychiatric disorders and mental health conditions.
  4. Evaluate patients’ behavior to formulate diagnoses or assess treatments.
  5. Distinguish between physiologically and psychologically based disorders and diagnose appropriately.
  6. Assess patients’ mental and physical status based on the presenting symptoms and complaints.
  7. Educate patients and family members about mental health and medical conditions, preventive health measures, medications, or treatment plans.
  8. Write prescriptions for psychotropic medications as allowed by state regulations and collaborative practice agreements.
  9. Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members, including psychiatrists, psychologists, or nursing staff, to develop, implement, or evaluate treatment plans.
  10. Develop and implement treatment plans.
  11. Participate in activities aimed at professional growth and development including conferences or continuing education activities.
  12. Interpret diagnostic or laboratory tests such as electrocardiograms (EKGs) and renal functioning tests.
  13. Consult with psychiatrists or other professionals when unusual or complex cases are encountered.
  14. Develop practice protocols for mental health problems based on review and evaluation of published research.
  15. Refer patients requiring more specialized or complex treatment to psychiatrists, primary care physicians, or other medical specialists.
  16. Develop, implement, or evaluate programs such as outreach activities, community mental health programs, and crisis situation response activities.
  17. Teach classes in mental health topics such as stress reduction.
  18. Administer medications including those administered by injection.
  19. Monitor the use and status of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.
  20. Provide routine physical health screenings to detect or monitor problems such as heart disease and diabetes.
  21. Treat patients for routine physical health problems.



  1. Experienced with Electronic Health Records
  2. Basic computer skills, drivers license
  3. Experienced with ePrescribe software
  4. Must be able to communicate effectively in written and verbal format
  5. Ability to provide guidance and treatment recommendations during case consultations


  1. Documentation will be completed by end of shift on the date service provided
  2. Return all phone/email inquiries from individuals within 24 hours
  3. Obtain productivity standard associated with job status
  4. Minimum 95% clean claims submission the first time
  5. Completion of required training a minimum of 24 hours prior to due date
  6. Maintain professional licensure


  1. APRN who is licensed to practice medicine in Georgia, board-certified in psychiatry, 5+ years experience providing services for children, adolescents, adults and elderly
  2. Must be able to order & prescribe medication to Medicaid individuals
  3. The candidate must possess a valid State of Georgia driver’s license and reliable transportation.
  4. Must maintain full car insurance coverage, successfully pass a criminal background check and subsequent routine checks, and maintain qualifying and necessary certifications or licensures required by the agency or state.
  5. Experience with co-occurring disorders
  6. Current CPR certified
  7. Experience with providing telemedicine treatments or willing to learn.**
  8. Proficiency with computers, the internet, email and MS Office products as well as own a personal computer, printer and mobile phone.